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Saturday Prayer

Prayer is a vital part of life for any believer.  Families are gathered each week in the worship area for written and open prayer to be offered.  During this time, prayerful praise is offered to God, requests and needs of the church are spoken and everyone stays more connected to God and His family of believers.  

Saturday Adult Bible Study

Our Saturday Bible Study at Marion Bible Fellowship is deep and vibrant; nurturing and challenging.  The goal of our Adult Bible Study is to teach the Bible as Jesus taught His disciples and what the Apostles taught Christians in the first century.  We do this by incorporating the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, which helps provide the proper cultural context required to have a better understanding of the scriptures.  We take an in-depth, rewarding trip through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation, in a 5 year study.  It is open to all who wish to attend regardless of church affiliation.  This study will change the way you read, interpret, and understand scripture and can bring new depth to your Bible study.   

Regarding our Adult Bible Study people have said:

"I am experiencing the Bible come alive for the first time in my life."

"Adult Bible Study is an important part of my week. It helps keep me connected to my church family and the study of the Word."


Our reading schedule is available here.

        We invite you to share the experience!

Adult Discussion Group

The Adult Discussion Group meets every Wednesaday at 7 pm for fellowship and a lively discussion of special topics.  We read and study scripture related to current issues within the church, family, and society and the Biblical way to respond and handle these issues.  This is a great way to get to know people and to grow in your walk with the Messiah. The group provides outreach ministry at a local care facility the last Wednesday of each month. 

Attending a mid-week Bible study is a great way to learn about a new church.  We offer an open invitation for you to visit with us.


Call or e-mail for more information about either Men's or Women's small group opportunities.

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