Can Your Faith Change the World?  by: Steven Kirkham

"Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ,
let us press on to maturity" Hebrews 6:1

There are many ways we can live out our faith in Messiah. Most of them are wrong. As we read through the Scriptures and their many lessons, we can, without a concerted effort and a careful dependency on the Spirit and the help of fellow believers, find ourselves far afield in our understanding and practice of the faith.

It would behoove us to consider this seriously. Time is running out for us to make a difference. The church today has swung far to left in its understanding of mission. It is all but contemptuous of the sober virtues of meekness, humility, quietness, patience and charity. To be accepted by the modern crowd, our religion must be popular and acceptable-yet the biblical Messiah by remaining consistent with the corpus of Scripture does not flex with the imbalance of the times. The church, however, conforms through its desire to be "relevant" to whatever wind of doctrine the world will find non-offensive. This approach reeks of pride, spiritual weakness, self-promotion and a love of gain. It becomes a devotion to trivial and earthly success that has no business with the heavenlies.

We have no right to look to the world to edit or temper our message of hope. The need for salvation and the way of life prescribed need not be modified to an offended society. Quite the contrary, to withhold the message or way of life is to mislead and harm a world in need of the pure truth of God. If not us, then who? A misbegotten charity to the world's unwillingness simply allows the wolves to destroy the flock more assuredly. Such concession on our part is not charity at all but indifference and hatred to God and man. It seals destruction rather than delivering from it.

It is time for Christians to influence the world and not vice-versa. Whose message and way of life will prevail? Unless we begin to live among men like sons of God and messengers of the Truth, Satan's time will be forthcoming. It will take quite a bit of determination and courage to change the course we are on, for Satan, the world and a large part of the church is set to prevent it. Remain quiet and considerate in the face of sin-the prince of this world would have it no other way.

Steven Kirkham