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Every church desires the kind of leader we have at Marion Bible Fellowship (MBF). A leader who is deeply rooted in God's Word. An experienced, kind and compassionate leader who is passionate about God's Word, the Land of Israel, and about leading people to Yeshua, our Savior. At a time when Biblical Truth is being replaced with common opinion, how important and refreshing it is to have Pastor Steve leading our congregation.

Steve brings an extensive experience base and educational background to MBF. He is a thesis short of completing his PhD in Hebrew and Semitic Studies from the University of Wisconsin, and holds dual master’s degrees in related fields of religious study. Steve’s teaching is rich with texture and unique insights, particularly relating to the Land of Israel, owing in part to his experience on six archaeological excavations, over ten years living in Israel, and conducting literally dozens of tours of the Land. Steve has written extensively on the Land and through his  work at Biblical Backgrounds ( has created a wealth of resources to help students gain an in-depth understanding of both the history and physical characteristics of the Land.

To those who know Steve well, perhaps most impressive about him is his love and passion for the Lord. From his theatrical readings of the Psalms and telling of the many great stories of the Bible, to the singing of Hebrew songs (typically done with Mona), his love and passion come through in a way that stirs and inspires the soul. His ability to connect accounts in the Bible to archaeological artifacts and extra-biblical writings also helps to give Bible reading extra depth and meaning. 

Marion Bible is a unique place of worship.  Our deepest desire is to lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and then to help them grow in that relationship. We strive to live out our faith as Jesus modeled and the first century church followed. Steve shares that passion and makes the study of God’s Word especially powerful and enjoyable.

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