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Steven Lancaster

Romans 1:1-17

  • Prologue: Revelation of God's righteousness

Steven Lancaster

Romans 1:18-3:20

  • Appalling lack of righteousness, rank pagans

  • God fearers - unconverted to Judaism

  • Proselytes - converted to Judaism

  • Jews

Steven Lancaster

Romans 3:21-5:21

  • God's provision of righteousness

  • Jesus merited favor and gives to us

  • Is there righteousness from works?

Steven Lancaster

Romans 6:1-8:39

  • Two paths: sin or righteousness

  • Thesis of Romans is gospel is a revelation of God's righteousness

Steven Lancaster

Romans 9:1-10:13

  • Israel's Righteousness & Salvation

Steven Lancaster

Romans 10:14-11:36

  • Israel's Salvation
    1.How shall they call if they do not believe?
    2.Has God rejected Israel so they have fallen?
    3.The branches of the olive tree
    4.The mystery of God's plan for Israel and the gentiles

Steven Lancaster

Romans 12:1-13:14

  • Living together in righteousness, effects of righteousness
    1.Be transformed for service
    2.Walk in the laws of holiness
    3.Submit to God's appointed rulers
    4. Fulfill the law with love
    5.Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

Steven Lancaster

Romans 14-15:33

  • ​Living together in righteousness

  • Peace within the assembly

Steven Lancaster

Romans 15:7-16:27

  • Family of God in Messiah Yeshua
    Epilogue: ministry, plans, greetings
    1.Gentiles in the family
    2.Paul's letter, ministry, and plans
    3.Greeting the family in Rome
    4. Nation of priests, represent God to the nations through Israel