Youth Ministries



PRAYER:                                 SATURDAY 9:30AM

BIBLE STUDY:                        SATURDAY 10:00 - 11:30AM

YOUTH GROUP:                    WEDNESDAY 6:00PM

Sabbath Morning Prayer

Prayer is a vital part of life for any believer.  Especially during the time where a direction and calling is established in life, prayer is a vital discipline.  Families, including youth, are gathered each week in the worship area for written and open prayer to be offered.  During this time, prayerful praise is offered to God, requests and need of the church are spoken and youth stay more connected to God and the family of believers they are part of.  The prayers of our youth are just as necessary and vital to the ministry of Marion Bible Fellowship as are those of the elders.

Sabbath Morning Bible Study

Our youth are God's people of the future.  For Him to guide their lives, He instructs us to teach them diligently from the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 28:19-20).  At Marion Bible Fellowship, we take this commission seriously and design our meeting times to cover the entire Bible with youth once every 6 years.  As children emerge from the story-based curriculum in our grade-school classes, we begin to have them read and discuss the books of the Bible, personally.  The schedule they follow mirrors that of the adult classes so that family study and discussion is possible at home as well as at church. While the church is dedicated to providing the structure and discussion of the Scriptures for families from childhood through adulthood, we encourage and expect that the home is the core of where the teaching, discussion and living-out of Scripture will occur to the greatest degree.

So that our discussions are fun and rewarding, we ask that all the youth read over the chapters we will be discussing.  If you are coming for the first time, our current reading schedule can be found by clicking here and we are excited to meet you.  Every new face that joins the group adds to who we are and we are always better when new people come.

Wednesday Evening Youth Ministry

Training Future Servants & Leaders

Life is tough for today's youth in America:  How do we know what is right and what is wrong?  Temptation and conflicting truths are all around.  Which way should I go?  Is there a group that can help figure out and encourage each other to go the right way?  Through both our Sabbath studies and Wednesday night youth ministry activities and discussions, our youth become well prepared to confront life’s situations and affect their world for Christ.

Discussing Life's Challenges

Marion Bible Fellowship Youth Group is a peer group that is not only familiar with the Bible, but one that encourages one another to act on and stay close to the teaching we all have learned from our study of the Bible.  Not only is there tons of fun and deep discussion at our youth gatherings, but also a lot of help in living the way we should for God.  Rather than simply being an activity centered group (extreme sports, pizza and video game nights – although we’re not opposed to these), we structure activities and fun to come after the deep discussion and understanding God’s will for our lives which are our priority.

So rather than being primarily for youth entertainment, we get together for talking about and figuring out life and the challenges we all face and then have fun together after that.  It’s not that we don’t have fun doing Cedar Point, rafting, movie nights, and so on; it’s just that we don’t forget to cover the important stuff first.


Reaching & Teaching Our Community

Jesus gave us all some final guidance before leaving the earth: 


“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


In sticking to this commandment, our group goes and talks to others and invites them to join us to learn about our Master and Savior, Jesus.  We encourage friends, neighbors and those we don’t even know to follow Christ in faith and to come learn the way to live smart by spending time with the Scriptures.  Each year, youth participate in personal and church-wide outreach activities including the Marion Popcorn Festival and other area events.


Serving Our Community

Learning, witnessing and sharing the Gospel with others are all vital parts of the Christian’s life.  Our service would be incomplete, however, if we did not help those in need.  To be faithful to this call, our youth are encouraged to serve the members of our church who are in need and, after that, to serve the community as well.  Helping our elderly around their homes, assisting single mothers in need, taking care of children younger than they are, cleaning the church after Sabbath, helping to serve at our annual Passover meal, putting on plays for special worship times, and serving the poor in the Name of Christ are all worthy activities that need to be a part of our youth group’s activities.

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