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Children/Youth Ministries



Prayer — Saturday 9:30am

Bible Study — Saturday 10am

Children/Youth Groups — Wednesday 6pm

As followers of Messiah, Marion Bible Fellowship places special emphasis on the spiritual growth of children and youth. While others may design church programs that specialize in entertainment, we understand the Scriptures to teach that children must be diligently nurtured in the ways of the Lord. Only with such training will they emerge from childhood and the teen years as responsible and happy young adults in service to the Lord.  We, therefore, put Biblical training and knowledge at the top of our list in designing programs for even our youngest children’s program. Such training is not just by helping our children and youth know what is right, but we also guide them to behave properly and respectfully with one another while at church as well. Children and youth are encouraged to be polite and self-controlled, to listen to the teacher. Times of organized and free play are offered and overseen as well.

Nursery through Kindergarten Ages

The Whole Bible in Story Form

Everything we do at Marion Bible Fellowship is considered in light of how it nurtures young or old to follow the Lord Jesus more closely and live by the commandments of Torah. To this end, you will find our children’s Bible study hour on Saturday to have the goal of teaching even our youngest attendees the truths of Scripture. While the method of teaching may include activities to hold their attention and get such a message across to them, the entertainment of the activity is not the primary goal. The Saturday Bible study hour is one of our children’s few opportunities to learn the truths of Scripture in a group setting, and we do not want to waste that time on simple recreation. There is plenty of time for that in the fellowship hour after worship and outside of this important time of learning. Instead, we have our teachers come with the intention of delivering a message in story form that is memorable and helpful to the children.  We intend to partner with parents in building a strong foundation for their children’s future walk with the Lord.

A unique aspect of Marion Bible’s curriculum in all age groups is that topics truly span the entire Bible. Many ministries concentrate solely on the stories of the Gospels and other Apostolic Scriptures (“New Testament” and Jesus). While these are certainly included in what we present to children, we equally include the major and minor stories of the Hebrew Scriptures (“Old Testament”). To some, an “Old Testament” may seem outdated and unnecessary. To us, it contains ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time. So, even though kindergarten-aged children are young, they will become familiar with all the stories of the Bible and learn truths of Scripture every Christian should know.

Elementary Ages

Knowing Jesus Personally and Applying Biblical

Stories to Our Behavior

Our intention in the elementary grades is based on the assumption that children of this age can understand and love God and others.  Belief can be personal and God becomes more deeply known during the elementary years. A fixed rotation of teachers presents the Gospel frequently to the kids. As well, there is a progression through the stories of the Bible with role-playing and games that teach the lessons contained in Bible stories and show how those lessons are applied in the family and public life. Each child is encouraged to make these applications so they know what is expected of a Christian.

The elementary years are quite important and transitional. During earlier years, teaching was based on storytelling of events. Following the elementary years, middle and high school lessons are taught by reading the Scriptures completely over a six-year period (Grades 7-12). Therefore, these elementary years are key to teaching children to not only listen and learn the Scriptures as they do in the kindergarten years, but to apply them to life and become prepared to use the Scriptures personally to know the Lord better and to understand that the messages and commands in Scripture and the life of Messiah are to be walked out as a Christian.

Youth and Teens

Training Future Servants & Leaders
Life is tough for today's youth in America:  How do we know what is right and what is wrong?  Temptation and conflicting truths are all around.  Which way should I go?  Is there a group that can help figure out and encourage each other to go the right way?  Through both our Sabbath studies and Wednesday night youth ministry activities and discussions, our youth become well prepared to confront life’s situations and affect their world for Christ.

Discussing Life's Challenges
Marion Bible Fellowship Youth Group is a peer group that is not only familiar with the Bible, but one that encourages one another to act on and stay close to the teaching we all have learned from our study of the Bible.  Not only is there tons of fun and deep discussion at our youth gatherings, but also a lot of help in living the way we should for God.  Rather than simply being an activity centered group (extreme sports, pizza and video game nights – although we’re not opposed to these), we structure activities and fun to come after the deep discussion and understanding God’s will for our lives which are our priority.  So, rather than being primarily for youth entertainment, we get together for talking about and figuring out life and the challenges we all face and then have fun together after that.  It’s not that we don’t have fun doing Cedar Point, rafting, movie nights, and so on; it’s just that we don’t forget to cover the important stuff first.

Have More Questions?

Please let us know questions you have beyond what is presented here.  Call the church and ask for our youth director at 740.387.4080 or e-mail us at

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