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The member's section of the website contains resources purchased for and found in the church library.  Since these resources are copywrite protected and purchased by the church for use by its members, users are not permitted to make personal copies of the resources, nor are they permitted to send these resources to others.  The resources are password protected so as not to be accessible to the general public.  Users may view and download the resources for personal use similar to the way they would borrow the resource from the church library.


The use of this section of the website must be accompanied by your agreement to honor the copywrite agreement of these library resources.  If you know of others who are interested in accessing the materials for this course, please have them contact the church office and request access to the materials by emailing us at Thank you for your honesty and cooperation.

One Heartbeat Away...

   Your Journey into Eternity (Book)

By: Mark Cahill (PDF file)

One Heartbeat Away Audio.jpg

One Heartbeat Away...

   Your Journey into Eternity (Audio)

By: Mark Cahill (Audio MP3 file)


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